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Dear Customers!

We are glad to introduce our new EzPhone product, called EzPhone Next!
The up-to-date VOIP technology provides brilliant quality on low minute rates to make phone calls all around the world.

The advantages of EzPhone Next calling card:

  • Low minute rates! Compare with other calling cards!
  • You can save your phone number to your PIN code. With this option there is no need to enter PIN code, also the usage will be much faster.
  • You can recharge your card with another EzPhone Next calling card, so you can keep your original PIN code.
  • No subscription, no monthly or registration fee

Types of EzPhone Next card

The EzPhone Next calling cards are sold the values of:
  • 1000 HUF
  • 2000 HUF

Some sample EzPhone minute rates:
USA & UK from 2,1 Euro cent/min (5,9 Ft/perc-től)
Canada 2,9 Euro cent/min (7,9 Ft/perc)
Germany 2,6 Euro cent/min (7,2 Ft/perc)
Romania 5,9 Euro cent/min (16,2 Ft/perc)
Izrael 2,8 Euro cent/min (7,7 Ft/perc)
Russia 3 Euro cent/min (8,2 Ft/perc)

Advantage of EzPhone & Blablabla calling cards:

- Up to 90% lower minute rates comparing to landline providers
- No monthly or other fees
- Rates applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- The system advises the remaining minutes and balance on the card
- Anywhere from any phone at any time
- Easy to use after purchase till finishing the balance or latest 180 days from the first usage

A call is made by following the instructions given below:

1. Scratch off the grey cover at the back of the card (where you can find the PIN code)

2. Call
- (06 1) 877 7800 (normal tariff dial-in number) from any kind of Hungarian phone sets. Charges apply by your provider.
- 06 80 98 75 75 (card-tariff dial-in number) from any kind of Hungarian phone sets; from landline and telephone booth an additional cost of +15Ft/min, from mobile phone an additional cost of +50Ft/min. apply.

3. For English instructions, press 2 or select the language of your choice:
- 1: Hungarian
- 2: English
- 3: German
- 4: French
- 5: Spanish
- 6: Italian
- 7: Russian
- 8: Chines (Mandarin)

4. Enter the PIN code (11 digits)

5. Select from the options given below:
- To make a phone call press 1.
- To save your phone number to your PIN code press 2.
- To charge your account press 3.

Usage without PIN code:
Save your phone number to your PIN code! With this option you don’t need to enter PIN code any more! After entering the PIN code, press 2 and follow the instructions to set up this option. The system gives you the phone number where you dialed from. You can also add more phone numbers to use this option.

Recharge the card:
You can recharge your account with a new card, so your PIN code doesn’t change! After entering the original PIN code, press 3 and follow the instructions. The system will ask for the new card’s PIN code to set up the recharge option.

To place another call press ## to re-dial the last number press 00
EzPhone Next